How to Print from iPad and iPhone without AirPrint Printers or Apps

Print out of your iPad, iPhone, or ipod itouch to any printer without AirPrinter or another app. O'Print is really a Windows utility which allows the Windows PC to be AirPrint-Compatible (also as an AirPrint Activator for Windows). You do not need to install apps or buy a new AirPrint printer. ANY existing printer can be linked to Airprint from an iPad, iPhone, or iPhone touch along with basic printing from Safari, Mail or Photo. O'Print lets you print to PDF and also to your dropbox. There is no client limit no shared printer limit. All iDevices and many types of printers can be utilized in O'Print.

Print from iPad

How can O'Print work ?

- First, O'Print gets all printers that are already placed on the Windows PC.

- Next, the consumer will decide which printers they would like to share for that appropriate iDevice by simply selecting it within the O'Print control panel.

- Finally, O'Print will announce those shared printers (by Apple Bonjour) and display them on all iDevices which inside the same LAN with the Windows PC. Then AirPrint from the iPad now!

Is there a good thing about O'Print? Compare three popular solutions for iPad / iPhone Printing

- The simplest option is to buy a fresh AirPrint-Compatible Printer, and install it for a passing fancy LAN since your iDevices. The AirPrinter also will announce itself via Apple Bonjour for the LAN. The benefit of this solution is simple and direct without a PC, however the disadvantage is you need to purchase another printer! You may not wish to make positive changes to existing printer, especially a high-level laser printer?

- The 2nd option would be an AirPrint App. Many Airprint Apps have the freedom and permit easy printing to some general network printer. However, its disadvantage is that you simply must print in the AirPrint App, not the native print engine of iDevices. Therefore, you cannot print from other apps. Additionally, there might be some printer compatibility issues, in a way that that some printers may not be based on the AirPrint App.

Print from iPad

- The 3rd option would be by AirPrint Activator for Windows. Like O'Print, AirPrint Activator can activate your entire printers that are installed already on my pc to become AirPrint-capable to ensure that all your iPad, iPhone and itouch devices can print directly to the shared printers in PC. As the printing is accomplished from the native iDevice print engine, it is possible to print from any other app. However, there's also a disadvantage to you need to open a PC for sharing printers. This option is more desirable for office print use.